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Launching the First SoyMilk Belgium Dark Chocolate

Launching the First SoyMilk Belgium Dark Chocolate

At The Soy Inc., we make sure that everyone enjoys wholesome foods and beverages. In our constant search for inclusivity, we also consider some people who might have dietary restrictions, limiting their options to a few food selections. Worse yet, these options may prove to be bland and soulless. This is most apparent in people who are lactose intolerant, which requires them to refrain from milk and other dairy products. Not only that, some may find extracting food from animals to be morally reprehensible.

Other options such as bubble tea or boba may seem harmless, but beneath the good taste are some questionable ingredients in them. This popular drink may contain industrial creamers that are essential to the taste of bubble tea. But if you’re one to avoid any animal products or dairy, soy milk will be your best bet. Even if you’re not vegan or watching your intake of dairy products, soy milk is a very popular alternative. 

Our drinks may be similar in some ways to bubble tea, but soy milk is a much healthier option. We are using 100% premium organic soybeans, gluten-free, dairy-free, and most especially, no preservatives added. 

With our years of experience in creating great drinks, we have perfected the process of making Soy Milk to ensure that our products are top quality and the best there is. We offer food products that are safe, reliable, healthy, vegan-friendly, and most importantly, yummy that can be enjoyed by everyone. 

We are also unceasingly creating new foods and drinks to find the next best thing. In this venture, we are happy to present our latest creation, a fusion of complementary food ingredients that have been a staple for millennia. At this point, we give you our latest and tastiest Soy Milk Drink yet, our very own Belgium Dark Chocolate Soy Milk Drink. A combination of the all-time favorite ingredients Dark Chocolate and Soy Milk. A perfect match made in heaven. The taste is not too sweet and you can taste the smoothness of the Dark Cocoa going down your throat. We hand brew this drink every day to give you the freshest and best drink possible. This is the ideal beverage to have for breakfast, snacks, dessert, or best paired with meals.

Company Details: Stores are conveniently located at 3 different locations in Singapore. It can be found at Jurong Point, Suntec Tower 3, and Alexandra Central Mall. You can also order online at our website,, or through our delivery partners FoodPanda and GrabFood.


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