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Staying Safe And Well At Home

Staying Safe And Well At Home

More than a year into the global coronavirus pandemic, we are again in a familiar situation, that is to be isolated from the outside world as a new strain threatens the publics’ health. It’s a difficult time for the entire world and staying sane in this situation proves to be challenging. However, the lockdown is a great opportunity to focus on each other and spend precious time with our families. Check out our list of things to do at home to cherish our moments in this pandemic.

To Have Experienced A Pandemic Is A Historical And Once In A Lifetime Event. 

Find ways to document your family activities during this stay-at-home period. Enjoy the time to be with your children and write or draw about how they are feeling. Take photos throughout this period and perhaps you can create a scrapbook or journal for the family as a way to preserve this experience for future sharing.

It Can Be Tempting To Be In Pajamas All Day And Skip Out On A Shower During These Idle And Boring Days.

It can only put us in a slump and negative emotions. Establishing a daily self-care routine can drastically improve our mood and feelings about the day. Regularly take a refreshing bath or shower, get dressed, don’t forget to brush your hair, and do other grooming activities. Don’t just get dressed for the sake of it, dress for the social life you desire and put on some bright colors. Encourage your children to maintain these routines also.

Do Projects Or Tasks That Need To Be Completed In The House.

Include your children in making this list and include them in performing the actual projects. May it be cleaning the play area, restocking the pantry, organizing closets can be a fulfilling time to be with your family. Include the things that you have put off because of the busyness of life. Now you have time for it, make it worthwhile. 

Eat Healthy Foods And Drink Plenty Of Fresh Water.

It is also a great time to choose healthier options and maintain an optimal diet. Consume lots of vegetables and fruits. If you have loved ones with comorbidities, consider having your groceries delivered to your front door. Staying indoors for 24 hours at a time is a new routine for most families and there may be the desire to bake cakes, cookies, and other sweets. Focus more on cooking and baking healthy meals and snacks.

Spend Some Quality (Digital) Time With Your Loved Ones.

If the lockdown caught you alone and isolated, call your friends or family via video conferencing. That’s one way you can liven up a gloomy day. Break a virtual party with your friends or family on Zoom, Houseparty, Facetime, or other video-chat apps out there. The real question is who you should keep in touch with, your friends, family, or your Tinder dates?

Check Out The Latest Virtual Things To Do.

Sometimes all the shows on Netflix or Amazon Prime feel that you’ve watched everything. You really want to watch something new and unique, and that is what live-streaming plays, music, talks, exhibitions and other online events around the world can offer. 

Monitor Your Health Closely.

Being cautious in terms of our health in the time of the pandemic is one thing we can do to safeguard ourselves and our family. Check your temperature twice daily. 

Do Nothing.

Here’s the thing. We’ve all been hustling and bustling before the pandemic. This is the perfect opportunity to be in harmony with ourselves and cherish the quietude this pause has to offer. It is the perfect time to collect ourselves and evaluate our life goals. Or better yet, do nothing.

We understand that this is a strange time, and we are all experiencing something we never had before. Let’s remember we are all in this together. Be well, our Soylings, and thank you for helping us to flatten the curve!

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